Thursday, February 23, 2012

Add Some Spice to Your Life

In the past year, I have become a HUGE fan of Indian movies and actors (I admit I have a Shahrukh Khan photo as wallpaper on my Blackberry), I've always had an affinity for all things Indian, but since immersing myself in Bollywood, I have developed a new appreciation for the films, the culture and the food of India. So, the following revelations were very exciting for me to read and I have already started planning to add more turmeric (and other Indian spices) to my diet.

According to a post at Natural Society, turmeric is being recognized for its medicinal properties and advantages. The post is brief with plenty of references and links. I encourage you to read more about turmeric. To pique your interest, know that turmeric has been found to positively affect over 530 diseases.